Real Aryans


The last pure-blooded Aryans. Descendants of Alexander the Great.


 Vegans based on diets are groats, apricots and nuts.


An ethnic group that practices free love. An isolated community in the Himalayas, living without contact with the outside world. Is there a more exotic and fascinating set? Legends and images of the people of Brokpa living in four villages in Ladakh, in North India, have already ignited the imagination of many a traveler and a filmmaker. How much of this litany of ethnographic pleasures is true, it is still difficult to say.


To capture the real Arians in their homes I went scooter.


The trip lasted several days.


Once I got the flat tire, once the gasoline ran out, twice I ended up in the ditch.


I am fascinated by the enormity of the Himalayas from a small age.


Their majesty and severity.


Similarly, I have with the population living in northern India.


Buddhist lands, clean, but above all wild.