Szymon Bojko (1917-2014)


Out of all things hard to preserve the most impossible seems to be passing time.

This photo essay tries to capture this subject.  It revolves around Szymon, a 97year old man.

He was a remarkable person, with a vibrant, charismatic personality, an artsist,

fine art theorist, traveler, husband, father and finally a womanizer.


For me he was a bridge between the present and what has already become only memory.

Szymon had memory lapses . He didn't remember what happened yesterday or a week ago. His memory was very selective and whimsical.


He remembered the  hot summer of 1945 at the Baltic Sea, which he spent with his girlfriend Lena.

He often talked about his beloved and only daughter Urszula.


We wander around together through his dusty memories, trying to bring out what's most important.

His Warsaw apartment at Zlota street, where he grew up,  war time when he was a soldier, Ural, time spent

in Japan in later years. We talked about his complex personality – him being narcissistic, health conscious,

a dandy, sometimes very macho and egocentric.


Photo series of Szymon is a very subjective attempt to show the last stage of this man’s life.

These are just selected fragments, cut out from his almost 100 years memory and are therefore very important.